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Design and manage a payroll system that will ensure smooth, prompt and efficient payment of your employees’ salaries and allowances. Be responsible and ensure that your company complies with all statutory remittances and fulfils the legal requirements of Nigeria “pay as you earn taxes” (PAYE) including appropriate deductions and remittances as required by law.


Skyfield INL shall manage your outsourced manpower to align the thinking and behaviour of the outsourced employees with to the business objectives and operations of your company. We shall liaise with your management to manage your outsourced manpower in a manner to create a sustained productive, customer-oriented culture among your outsourced employees. We shall apply our best people management templates, aligned with your company’s compliance and general policies, to accomplish the goals of getting best output/performance results from your outsourced employees. In our approach methodology, We would manage the employees based on your company/organization’s operational and management templates and business vision while We would add best-practice values to further your company’s business.


Skyfield INL is a prominent provider of Training & Development services in Nigeria. The prime objective of our training and development division is to strategically and continually ensure the availability of a skilled, talented and willing workforce to an organization. We design training to suit your organization and your people and give ideas on how to improve. We help you succeed by implementing training & development solutions and programs that allow you to manage your business more effectively and efficiently. Acknowledging the significance of focused training services and varied requirements, we have developed our business verticals to effectively serve and meet requirements of our clients.


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